The Official UBIQUITY Old Fashioned

The Official UBIQUITY Old Fashioned

It's no secret, we love cocktails almost as much as we love beards, especially Old Fashioneds. In fact, we love it so much we made a scent after it. While it's a hard cocktail to mess up it is one that is often not done well.

Most restaurants and bars add way too much sugar and/or cherry causing the drink to be a syrupy mess of disaster.

So Without any further ado, here our recipe. We recommend recording it in the beautiful cocktail recipe journal from our friends over at Four Line Supply.

Official UBIQUITY Old Fashioned


  • 2 oz. Bourbon
  • 1/4 oz. Maple Syrup
  • 3 Dashes of Angostura Bitters


To a mixing beaker add bourbon, maple syrup and bitters, add medium-sized ice. Stir for 45 seconds and, using a julep strainer, strain into rocks over new ice. Garnish with orange peel.

If you prefer slightly sweeter muddle in a luxardo cherry with your initial ingredients and add as garnish.

Let us know in the comments, what's your favorite cocktail?

A Century (and change) of Facial Hair


A Century (and change) of Facial Hair

The last century (and some change) of World history has been a little tumultuous with rapid growth, from two world wars, to the technological revolution. The one thing that's remained constant? Facial hair, to some degree or another, regardless of style, is deeply ingrained into fashion, masculinity, and allure.

Early 1900's

While the early 1900's are most notably some of the cleanest shaven in recent history, there were still many notable figures embracing their facial hair.

King George V.jpg





King George V

A classic full beard with a solid flare mustache, King George V showed the early 1900's didn't have to be all clean-shaven.


The clean-shaven past moves on to the full mustache.


Dr. John T. Gerin

Not particularly famous, but a perfect archetype for a glorious 'stache.


With the rise of moving images and movie stars, the fashions moved quickly to the pencil mustache.







Warner Baxter

A pencil mustache was the fad, and man did it look good with that fedora.


Mustaches stay in trend for several decades.


Albert Einstein

May be not the picture of fashion, but as one of my personal favorite historical figures he definitely gets notable mention. He rocked that mustache for many decades.





William Faulkner

Master of stories, master of the mustache.


Sure the 1950's saw a brief renaissance of clean-shaven, but once again, notable and respectable figures maintained their whiskers.


Ernest Hemingway

A farewell to the mustache, Hemingway ushers in a beautiful beard captured by my favorite portrait photographer, Yousuf Karsh.


In the 1960's facial became a symbol for rebelliousness in the budding counter-war movements or a symbol for creativity.





Che Guevara

Eernesto "Che" Guevara is a prime example of the 1960's umkempt and rough beard.










Richard Chamberlain

The 1970's were a great time to sport the full beard.










Harrison Ford

The Empire Strikes back just comes out, Harrison Ford is one of the biggest in Hollywood and he straps on a beard.


The 90's were a terrible time for fashion. We mostly ignore them, so instead enjoy The Big Lewbowski.


The Dude

Jeff Bridges show's us to keep unemployed classy.


Aside from so many boy bands, the 2000's had some great facial hair. Unless you were a youth minister, then you were forced into the required soul patch.










Keanu Reeves

Technically this photo is from 2014, but since Keanu Reeves doesn't age, I'm allowed to use any photo of him.




Your quintessential hipster beard, big, bushy, and oiled.


Why your beard should be your New Year's Resolution


Why your beard should be your New Year's Resolution

Long, short, styled, messy, doesn't matter. You don't have to set a goal to grow it out, or to keep it perfectly groomed, it's your beard, make it look how you want. BUT, don't ignore it. Beards require care and upkeep to stay healthy and to keep you sane, especially during the cold, dry winter season.

Prevent Beard Flakes, Stop Itch

Okay, that's snow, not beardruff, but you get the idea.

Okay, that's snow, not beardruff, but you get the idea.

Ask any beard newbie and the biggest two complaints are 1) my face itches all the time, 2) every time I scratch my now-itchy face I get beardruff everywhere. Proper beard care will render these issues nonexistent.

Brush or Comb Your Beard

_DSC8523-Edit Web.jpg

This seems basic, but the number of men I have spoken with that have never allowed the graceful teeth of a comb, or soft bristles near their face astounds me. Brushing and combing do more than detangle hair, they stimulate the skin under the hair encouraging proper growth, preventing ingrown hairs, and it feels great!

Use Oil

  • Your skin produces oils that your beard needs.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene and showering everyday removes these oils.
  • You need to put oils back.

This is an unbelievably simple, unbelievably effective, and unbelievably crucial step, yet so many people miss it. I get it, I sell beard oil, so of course I'm saying that. Simply put, that's why I started UBIQUITY, because I saw the need for oils and wanted to make my own.

Pay Attention to Your Beard

Check in on it, ask it how it's doing, see if it needs a trim or a different style. Are you getting split ends? Does it feel a bit dry and bristly? Have you been getting too many ingrown hairs? Every beard is different and you'll never learn how to take care of yours if you don't pay attention.


On Cancer and Beard Loss

On Cancer and Beard Loss

One of my (Brett's) best friends was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. The resulting chemo has caused hair loss and, of course, beard loss. I have not been beardless for longer than 1 week since I was 16 (and even then only twice), I LOVE my beard. I mean, I even own a beard oil company!

So I wanted to hear from Kyle and asked him to write about his journey and the many things that come with it. And for the next week (Today, Nov. 10th through Saturday Nov. 18) 10% of all sales will go to a cancer research charity picked by Kyle. If you would like to support Kyle's cancer fight, you can purchase an awesome shirt from here.

This is a snippet of Kyle's story:

This isn’t the first time I’ve lost my beard. The last time was in early 2013, when a bad trim (come on, we’ve all been there) led to a fresh start. I have the pics to prove it, and no, I won’t share them. See, I love my beard. I can grow a dang good one, too—one that I can be proud of. My wife loves my beard (when it’s properly tamed and maintained, of course; Hat tip to UBIQUITY).
I like it so much that I braved the DMV one year instead of renewing my driver’s license online just so I could get a new picture with my beard. This one does have proof.
I think it would be safe to say that my beard had become a part of my identity.
So when my oncologist told me that the type of chemo I needed to be on for my testicular cancer would make it fall out, I was initially disappointed. My mom tried to reassure me (as moms do) that some people she knew went through chemo treatments and didn’t lose any hair, but I didn’t get my hopes up. In fact, when my beard hairs did start coming out upon the slightest brush, I felt something I hadn’t quite anticipated:
Click the picture to buy this shirt and support Kyle!

Click the picture to buy this shirt and support Kyle!

That meant the chemo was doing what it was supposed to do. Sure, I’d had some of the standard side effects before the hair loss (nausea, fatigue, and the like), but nothing had yet signaled to me that the types of cells that were supposed to be affected were actually being affected. Don’t get me wrong—treatment for testicular cancer is extremely well-established and I trust my doctors, but there’s just something about having some good old-fashioned empirical evidence right in front of you that tends to put your mind at ease. It’s worth all of the well-natured babyface comments from friends, the “but you’re so handsome with no facial hair!” remarks from grandparents, and yes, even the 10 minutes of belly laughter from my wife when I walked into the room after shaving. And you know what? I laughed right along with her.
Yes, my beard had become part of my identity, but it was not who I am. It did not, nor will it ever, define me. Cancer sucks, but it will not define me either. I am a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend, a co-worker, a citizen, a teacher, and a child of God. Soon, I will get to add survivor to that list. To allow myself even a minute of lament over the loss of something as superficial as my beard would be to hand this disease a small victory over all of that, and that’s just something I am not willing to do.
I loved my beard, but my beard will grow back. This cancer, God-willing, will not.

If you would like to send an encouraging message to Kyle, shoot me an email at and I'll make sure he gets it.

5 Best Facial Hair Grooming Tips

5 Best Facial Hair Grooming Tips

Facial hair grooming seems like such a daunting task, one wrong move and you have ruined weeks, months, or years of growing work. It feels overly difficult but wit the proper approach you can mitigate most of those fears, at least enough to keep yourself neat in-between barber trips. These 5 tips will help you brave those shortening shears and come forth triumphant.


 Mustache Model Beard Face Portrait Person Man

Have you ever heard someone claim they have a patchy beard? Sometimes, sure the facial hair may be a little sparse, but most of the time this is because facial hair grows at different speeds. Keeping hair trimmed to approximately equal lengths will make your beard look, and feel, more full.


 Red Hair Greens Redhead Beard Man Red Beard

We've all been there, the beard starts getting a bit long and luxurious but the sides flare out at the sideburns. Most men get frustrated and trim their beard all the way back, but you don't have to. Use clippers or scissors to fade those sideburns into the beard to clean up your look and give your beard a proper shape.


When facial hair practitioners feel that they need a glorious mustache, they tend to just let the entire upper lip grow, but the most important portion to a flared or curled mustache is the ends. By leaving the corner of your mouth long and trimming over your lip, you can achieve that envied stache without making soup a nightmare.

 Business Beard Brainstorming Beverage Agreement


This sound simple but the number of people who simply don't comb their beard is honestly astonishing. They tell me their beard is out of control, but go on to explain how they've tried exactly nothing. Combing your beard will tame strays, detangle, and remove hairs that have decided to shed themselves.

 People Water Shades Beard Ocean Beauty Man


 Business Man Sunglasses Sky Guy Beard

With a sculpture each cut is hard and cannot be changed. We often approach beards like this, but they're more like a bush, you can use other areas to fill in. If you have a patch of stray hairs that refuse to lay flat, chop them off the same way you would remove a stubborn branch in a bush. Your beard is a lot more forgiving to small mishaps than you realize, use that to your advantage during your trimming journey.

10 Best Costumes for Men with Beards


10 Best Costumes for Men with Beards

On year my wife suggested for Halloween that we could go as each other. She started explaining to me on how she could put on my clothes and paint a big beard on her face and that I could.... then she stopped when she realized the 15 inch beard on my face would ruin the illusion. So we started looking together, and there are SO MANY CLICHES. ZZ Top, Alan from the Hangover, and Abe Lincoln.

So we compiled a list of our favorites.

1) Gandalf

Okay, fine, we're giving into a cliche right off the bat but like we said in our recent Instagram post, it's one of the greatest and most classic beards in literature and cinema.


2) Viking

We're not talking about some sort of fat-lady-singing operat viking, and of course, Ragnar Lothbrok is a given, but there are so many incredible possibilities as a viking, studded leather, burly beard beads, and swords, what's better?


3) Thor

If a viking is a bit too mundane and mortal for you, how about the god of a viking? You don't even have to be Chris Hemsworth, you just need that manly scruff and big ol' hammer.


4) Zeus

If one pantheon doesn't work, you can always try another. No need to swear by the beard of Zeus, if you are the king of the gods. Full disclosure, that's a drawing a friend did of me, not Zeus, but I guess we're splitting hairs at this point.


5) Aquaman

Formerly the laughing stock of the Super Friends, this image has turned around with Jason Momoa bringing this character to a whole new level.


6) Bob Ross

Probably the greatest super hero of all, Bob Ross. Teach others zen and the art of the happy little tree.


7) Obi Wan Kenobi

Everyone is too busy going as Luke Skywalker form the Last Jedi. Show them you're an original fan by going as old Ben Kenobi.


8) Lumberjack

Hate to include this cliche as well, but if you're single, this one's for you. Did you even know Lumbersexual is a thing?! Yes this is a photo of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but you don't get much more Lumbersexual than that.


9) Geralt

We can't let mythology and cinema have all the fun and neglect the gaming world. Put that grey beard to use (or you know, use a temporary dye).


10) Jon Snow

There is no way we can make a list of bearded costumes and leave out the world's favorite show.