Long, short, styled, messy, doesn't matter. You don't have to set a goal to grow it out, or to keep it perfectly groomed, it's your beard, make it look how you want. BUT, don't ignore it. Beards require care and upkeep to stay healthy and to keep you sane, especially during the cold, dry winter season.

Prevent Beard Flakes, Stop Itch

Okay, that's snow, not beardruff, but you get the idea.

Okay, that's snow, not beardruff, but you get the idea.

Ask any beard newbie and the biggest two complaints are 1) my face itches all the time, 2) every time I scratch my now-itchy face I get beardruff everywhere. Proper beard care will render these issues nonexistent.

Brush or Comb Your Beard

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This seems basic, but the number of men I have spoken with that have never allowed the graceful teeth of a comb, or soft bristles near their face astounds me. Brushing and combing do more than detangle hair, they stimulate the skin under the hair encouraging proper growth, preventing ingrown hairs, and it feels great!

Use Oil

  • Your skin produces oils that your beard needs.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene and showering everyday removes these oils.
  • You need to put oils back.

This is an unbelievably simple, unbelievably effective, and unbelievably crucial step, yet so many people miss it. I get it, I sell beard oil, so of course I'm saying that. Simply put, that's why I started UBIQUITY, because I saw the need for oils and wanted to make my own.

Pay Attention to Your Beard

Check in on it, ask it how it's doing, see if it needs a trim or a different style. Are you getting split ends? Does it feel a bit dry and bristly? Have you been getting too many ingrown hairs? Every beard is different and you'll never learn how to take care of yours if you don't pay attention.