"I already know how to wash my beard," you say to yourself, "I have hair on my head, so I'm good."

Don't leave that milk mustache in, wash your beard regularly.

Don't leave that milk mustache in, wash your beard regularly.

Problem is, you're not good. I'm sure you've noticed, but your facial hair looks and feels nothing like the hair on your head which means you can't care for it the same way.

"Okay fine, my beard has been looking a little dry, but there are way too many products, what do I get and how often do I use it?!"

Oh I wish there were a simple answer. Beards are as varied as the number of people that wear them. Luckily the STEPS to beard care are the same, even if the frequency is different.

Do not wash daily!

Your beard is already designed to wick away oils, that's literally it's biological purpose (that and the warmth + bad assery thing), so shampooing daily only serves to dry out your already dry skin. Find the interval that works for you, but we recommend every 3-4 days.

Do apply oil daily!

You're putting back all those needed oils back into your skin. Beard oil wouldn't be necessary if you didn't shower regularly, but that's gross. Since we do shower regularly it is essential for you to put those oils back in.

Use shampoo AND conditioner!

Shampoo helps keep your hair clean but cosmetics companies are not stupid, they can sell you twice the products if you need them both. Shampoo is designed to dry out your hair and your skin so that you need the conditioner. When you do wash your beard, conditioner puts back a lot of the oils lost. It also helps your beard stay soft. But conditioner cannot replace beard oil, they serve different functions.

Sticking to this regiment will provide a BASIC outline for your beard care. Continue browsing the auxiliary products and routines that work best for you.

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