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How to Find and Pick a Barber


How to Find and Pick a Barber

Good barbers are hard to come by, and finding one that works well with your preferences, hair type, and style can be a daunting task. If you're like most guys, you bounce around from barber to barber, or even just stopping by a major chain satisfied with, "just okay." Here are a few steps to help you narrow down your search.

1) Search Online

And not just google, or yelp, but MULTIPLE places cross-checking their ratings across several platforms (this helps weed out biased pay-to-play type services like yelp). Use these search results to narrow down to a few barbers.

2) Look at their Porfolio

Do they have their own website? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Find them and check out the type of work they are posting and see if it aligns with your desired style. A lot of high-quality barbers, while able to do a lot across the board, focus on a particular niche of styling hair and beards.

3) Ask Your Friends

See if your friends have any recommendations or been to any of your potential barbers and get their opinions. Trusted recommendations are always a great place to start, or to settle a tie.



4) Try Them Out

While it may be disappointing when your hair or beard isn't cut/styled how you like, it does grow back, so get out there. You will never know until you try! Once you find a rockstar barber, make sure to reocommend them to a friend! These are men and women working hard to provide high quality service!

Soon, we will be doing barber spotlights, know a good barber that should be featured? Shoot us an email to


A Century (and change) of Facial Hair


A Century (and change) of Facial Hair

The last century (and some change) of World history has been a little tumultuous with rapid growth, from two world wars, to the technological revolution. The one thing that's remained constant? Facial hair, to some degree or another, regardless of style, is deeply ingrained into fashion, masculinity, and allure.

Early 1900's

While the early 1900's are most notably some of the cleanest shaven in recent history, there were still many notable figures embracing their facial hair.

King George V.jpg





King George V

A classic full beard with a solid flare mustache, King George V showed the early 1900's didn't have to be all clean-shaven.


The clean-shaven past moves on to the full mustache.


Dr. John T. Gerin

Not particularly famous, but a perfect archetype for a glorious 'stache.


With the rise of moving images and movie stars, the fashions moved quickly to the pencil mustache.







Warner Baxter

A pencil mustache was the fad, and man did it look good with that fedora.


Mustaches stay in trend for several decades.


Albert Einstein

May be not the picture of fashion, but as one of my personal favorite historical figures he definitely gets notable mention. He rocked that mustache for many decades.





William Faulkner

Master of stories, master of the mustache.


Sure the 1950's saw a brief renaissance of clean-shaven, but once again, notable and respectable figures maintained their whiskers.


Ernest Hemingway

A farewell to the mustache, Hemingway ushers in a beautiful beard captured by my favorite portrait photographer, Yousuf Karsh.


In the 1960's facial became a symbol for rebelliousness in the budding counter-war movements or a symbol for creativity.





Che Guevara

Eernesto "Che" Guevara is a prime example of the 1960's umkempt and rough beard.










Richard Chamberlain

The 1970's were a great time to sport the full beard.










Harrison Ford

The Empire Strikes back just comes out, Harrison Ford is one of the biggest in Hollywood and he straps on a beard.


The 90's were a terrible time for fashion. We mostly ignore them, so instead enjoy The Big Lewbowski.


The Dude

Jeff Bridges show's us to keep unemployed classy.


Aside from so many boy bands, the 2000's had some great facial hair. Unless you were a youth minister, then you were forced into the required soul patch.










Keanu Reeves

Technically this photo is from 2014, but since Keanu Reeves doesn't age, I'm allowed to use any photo of him.




Your quintessential hipster beard, big, bushy, and oiled.