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A Valentine's Guide to Gifts for Men


A Valentine's Guide to Gifts for Men

Guys are hard to shop for. We get it, if you are able to get an answer more than a grunt we are either hyper specific (and difficult to find) on what we want or unabashedly ambiguous and more often than not, the latter.

We hope to shed some light on some desired gifts and lead you in the right direction for the right valentine's day gift for your man.

1) Play to His Hobbies and Interests

While this isn't a specific gift recommendation, this should be number one. This may be a no brainer but often times we forget about this. A great resource is to find a specific subreddit (a micro-community inside the greater website of dedicated to his interests and search around or even post a text-post and ask a question!

2) Spirit, Mixer, Glass & Garnish

If your man is a fan of cocktails then the Spirit, Mixer, Glass & Garnish cocktail recipe journal is a great gift for your man. A gorgeously designed journal made to store favorite cocktail recipes with separate spots for each step of your cocktail recipe. This lifestyle piece is both practical and will stir up great conversations.

3) Tobacco Pipe

Our most popular beard oil scent is our Evening Discourse. The number of people enjoying the smell of pipe tobacco has increased greatly over the last 10 or so years with the rise in hipsters and the desire for that old school "gentleman". Help him start a new hobby with a new tobacco pipe. If you're not sure, pick up a Missouri Meerschaum corn cob for less than $10 (pro-tip, pipe price mostly boils down to aesthetics). If you're going all in, check out an Irish-made Peterson, a high-quality brand.

4) A Multitool


This seems like a cliche gift for a man, but a multitool is always a great option if your guy doesn't have one. Is he into photography? Awesome, it'll help with his tripod. Camping? Definitely useful. Mech model building? Still helpful!

_DSC9658 Web.jpg


This wouldn't be a true marketing post without pitching our own products. Whether your guy has a beard or not our oils definitely help (they make a great aftershave!) These are great inexpensive way that no guy would refuse, browse our store to check out more!


5 Tips To Make Your Beard Selfie Game Stronger From A Photographer


5 Tips To Make Your Beard Selfie Game Stronger From A Photographer

Many of our followers may not know this but I (Brett) am a seasoned photographer. I've taken all the photos on our site and do my best to share mostly original content on our social media. I love landscapes and urbanscapes while frequently booking for professional head shots and portrait photography.

In Colombia with camera in-hand. Photo credit, my awesome wife, Stephanie.

In Colombia with camera in-hand. Photo credit, my awesome wife, Stephanie.

Cityplace tower in Uptown Dallas  by me.

Cincinnati by me.

With that being said, I have a pretty solid idea of how to take solid selfies. While not a definitive guide, here are some pointers to make sure you're capturing your best beard.

1) Light is ALWAYS number 1.

In photography light is the hero, darkness the enemy. Without light, photography is impossible. Find a good source of muted light NOT a flash (unless you have proper modifiers, and if you do there's a good chance you don't need this guide). Use a window or an overcast sky. This photo was taken looking out a standard window on a sunny day. This causes the lights to catch the eyes and to properly illuminate the face and beard.

2) Oil your beard.

And not just because I sell beard oil. Oil gives extra sheen to the beard giving the appearance of extra texture (which I will cover in the next point) and extra highlights. Again, light is the hero, the more light you can catch off your beard, the better it will be captured. Oil also aids in reducing fly away hairs keeping your beard organized while also making it look healthier.

3) Focus on beard texture and remove distracting backgrounds.

Don't seek to capture too interesting of a background, that's not the purpose of the photo. The purpose is your glorious beard. Beards Do more than alter face shape and jawline, they provide extra texture. Our eyes are drawn towards texture not smoothness so focusing the photo (and the edit) on texture you can be sure to draw the eye precisely where it needs to be, focused on your beard. In editing utilize the clarity, sharpening, or contrast.

4) Aim High

People raise their phone slightly higher when taking photos for a reason, it's more flattering. It accentuates jawlines/beard lines and cheek bones. Don't go too high, or you'll look like a teenage girl, but go aim from slightly over eye-level.

5) Don't forget to smile.

Dudes getting their beards photographed somehow believe they can't smile. Seriously, type in #beard on instagram and try to count how many guys are actually smiling. Beard doesn't equal somber, it's always part of your facial profile, so while try to capture it any other way?