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How to Pamper Yourself and What to Expect


How to Pamper Yourself and What to Expect

You have a half day, no chores, no work, just you, and time for yourself. What do you do? If you're like me you either smoke pipe tobacco, drink a beer, play video games, or all three at once. That may be down time, but that's not pampering yourself.

Pampering yourself requires doting on yourself. Last week, Rocky and I set out to do just that. We met up with Monica DeLuna of Salon Boutique Academy in Addison, Texas and we each got intense skin treatment called facials.

Just like you go to get your teeth deep cleaned by a dentist, going for a facial will get your skin to a place it should be that normal daily care can't quite take it.

Our facials involved a steam blast, to prep the skin both cleansing and forcing sweat to bring extra oils to the surface of the skin and prep the beard. After that we received a high-frequency combing of the facial hair. This is a light electric charge that creates a soft tingling feeling both killing bacteria and promoting growth.


Immediately after the skin was prepped with a hot towel and a massage then removing any residue with sponges and dry towels. Then an anti-oxidant scrub was applied to the skin and left to sit under a hot towel. It's also fun because it's green and you can pretend to be Shrek.

IMG_1214 (1).JPG

The towels were removed then more hot steam, massages, and relaxation. I know facials aren't usually considered a male event, but I promise as soon as you walk out you'll be scheduling your next appointment. Just check out these after photos below, I don't think my skin has ever looked or felt so soft! Don't forget, facials are just like most service industry jobs, you should tip at least 15%!


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